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a little background...

my story...

I never intended to make jewelry. 

My mom was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration in June of 2014. (I know - I had never heard of it either.) It is a form of dementia that basically steals a persons ability to communicate. I recently realized that my mom, (voted "Most Talkative" in her high school class), could not recite her phone number or address. We started looking for some type of medical bracelet that she could wear to access that information when she couldn't. 

 And so the search for a functional and fashionable bracelet  began. All of the medical bracelets that we found were not aesthetically pleasing and did not provide the information that we wanted. So we decided to make one for her and a few others for friends and family and from there Imperfectly Perfect Jewelry took on a life of its own.  

Each piece of jewelry I make is hand stamped, (yes - each letter and number is hand stamped one by one.) which is why each piece is Imperfectly Perfect.

 I am so honored to create jewelry that is mindful, motivating and meaningful. Thank you for your continued support.- Wendy 


The AFTD.org promo CONTINUES!

Imperfectly Perfect Jewelry is partnering to help find a cure...

Imperfectly Perfect Jewelry is just OVER THE MOON to announce our partnership  with The AFTD's ongoing fundraising efforts.  What does this mean? Well it's simple - For every piece of jewelry that is sold, Imperfectly Perfect Jewelry will donate FIVE dollars to The AFTD.org to help find a cure for Frontotemporal Degeneration. 

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